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Hindu worship is primarily an individual act rather than a communal one, as it involves making personal offerings to the deity. Worshippers repeat the names of their favorite gods and goddesses and repeat mantras. Water, fruit, flowers incense are offered to god and that's where our Guruji comes in with his mantras, it takes devotees closer to the God


Like a telescope focused on the stars beyond our sight, the temple opens our minds to a higher and broader vision.


Your faith defines you and distinguishes you. It speaks a lot about you, your personality, thinking and attitude. As part of your belief system, it shapes your life. It helps you overcome your fears and transcend your limitations. In moments of crisis, faith is your support. When you have faith, you persevere and continue with your effort, even if the circumstances are against you.Faith also connects you to God and helps you establish a deeper communication with him. Without faith it is difficult to navigate through the problems and uncertainties of life. Faith heals the mind and the body.


Temples reminds us of the Span of Eternity. Whether we come to the temple with hearts full of joy or heavy with sorrow, the temple is the place for every worthy member with an open heart to be lifted and strengthened.

  1. Examine how faith influences your thinking, behavior, and worldviews.

  2. Identify your major beliefs which forms part of your worldview and religious faith.

  3. Find out why you prefer certain things and situations in your life and avoid others.

  4. Wherever possible, dispute your irrational beliefs which prevents you from being yourself or manifesting your full potential.

  5. Examine whether you have any beliefs which are responsible for self-sabotaging behavior.

  6. Know what beliefs motivate you and keep you focused and what beliefs hold you back

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